Company Quartermaster

Below is a list of basic uniform parts and leather goods that we recommend for the new recruit as well as for our seasoned veterans. While it may appear to be overly expensive hobby to start as a new recruit, remember that not all the parts listed below need to be purchased at once. Also, once you have all your equipment, your future reenacting expenses are minimal. For new recruits with a limited budget we would recommend purchasing the basic uniform parts first. The leather goods, while important, can wait. The prices vary widely for all these items depending on quality, authenticity, and the maker's pricing policy. High priced items are not necessarily better, but you do get what you pay for. You can frequently get higher quality items on sale for no more than you'd pay for a lesser item.

Before you buy any of your equipment, always consult with an experienced comrade. Plus, we often have extra uniform parts and equipment within Brady's which might be less expensive than buying them elsewhere.

Basic Uniform

Forage Cap - dark blue 24.00-100.00
Sack Coat - dark blue 70.00-180.00
Trousers - sky blue 70.00-180.00
Shirt 25.00-70.00
Suspenders 12.00-60.00
Wool Socks 6.00-30.00
Brogans 95.00-200.00
Haversack - tarred 25.00-50.00
Canteen, Smoothside - grey or brown 35.00-75.00

Leather Goods

Cartridge Box w/ tins 40.00-95.00
Cartridge Box Strap 14.00-25.00
Waist belt 11.00-35.00
U.S. Oval Buckle / Boxplate 8.00-12.00
Cap Box 12.00-35.00

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