Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions by our perspective recruits.

Q - Ok, I've looked at your web page and I want to give reenacting a try. What do I do now?

A - First off, look at the calendar of events and see what upcoming events interest you. Then e-mail or call us and we'll get you registered for your first event. We'll provide you with the uniform, powder, and rifle. Once you arrive at the event you be issued the equipment and we'll train and drill you on its use.

Q - How many events do I have to attend per year to be a member?

A - Well, we'd like to see you attend as many events as possible, however; with the hectic schedules we all lead we only ask the you attend three events per year to be a member in good standing. All NCOs and officers are required to attend at least half the events in a campaign season.

Q - Are there any age restrictions for participating?

A - Most events require you to be 16 years old to carry a rifle on the field or 12 years old and be a functional musician. Our members range from 16 to mid-50s. Many of our members bring their younger children who do camp with us and watch the event as a spectator. On the other end of the scale we have members of the unit in their 50s who also take the field - this is a matter of desire and physical conditioning. As sharpshooters we move about more and at a faster pace than line units, and wearing wool uniforms in the Virginia Summer requires some stamina.

Q - After my first event, if I decide I want to join, do I have to buy my entire uniform in one shot?

A - No. We will continue to rent out or loan certain uniform parts as long you do make progress towards purchasing your own uniform.

Q - Is Brady's a member of any reenactor umbrella organization?

A - Yes, we are members of the United States Volunteers (USV).

Q - Once I become a member do I have to pay dues?

A - We tried to avoid company dues for a long time, unfortunately the cost of running this web site, paying our membership dues to the USV and keeping insurance for the unit have forced us to pass on this cost to the troops. Our current dues are around $40 per year and they tend to fluctuate up and down depending on membership. New members are not required to pay dues until the first company admin meeting of the new year.

Q - What about food at a reenactment? Do you have a company mess?

A - Our Company Commissary Sergeant does plan a menu and buys food for each overnight event. Food costs vary according to the number of troops, number of days of the event, and the number of days and meals that you plan to participate in. You are not required to participate in the company mess, you may bring your own provisions should you choose.

Q - If the unit stays overnight, do I have to camp out (rough it)?

A - No. You are welcome to spend the night in a local motel/Bed & Breakfast or just join us for the day if your Boy Scout days are way behind you.

Q - If a reenactment spans several days do I have to attend every day of the event?

A - Certainly not! If you are a new recruit we do require you to arrive early on your first day so we can properly go through safety procedures and familiarize you with the drill. This will be normally three to four hours prior to the first battle on the scheduled day of the event

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